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Depeche Mode

Not only the name of a questionably awesome 80s not-quite-goth band, but also exactly the phrase I’d use to describe eDressme’s design department:

Crazy fast fashion. I loved Amy Adams’ choice of jewels, by the way. Downright quirky!

A few things:

-We’ve got a giveaway coming up! Feast your eyes on the prizes at Little Red Fox and let our very own Mary Catherine know which of her sweet, sweet wares you are craving the most!

-Speaking of Mary Catherine, her exclusive Watson Twins interview has been published in The Printed Blog! Thanks, The Printed Blog! Check out Issue 5 -The Fashion Issue when it comes out tomorrow (Wednesday)! Congrats to Mary Catherine and another big THANK YOU to Leigh and Chandra for their time and their ultimate awesomeness.

-I decided to give you guys a little extra incentive to leave us your precious feedback. From now on, your lovely names (and “follow” blog links, if you have them) will be posted on the front page!

-Sacramentans! Make sure not to miss eWomen Network’s Real Women, Real Fashion Show – especially awesome if you’re a small business person like me. You can don your fave cocktail wear, drink “glowtinis, ” see some sweet formal fashion, and network your little asses off all at the same time!

Ok, I believe there is more… but it’s 63 degrees outside and the sunshine is calling my name.

Forkably Hip, a deliriously hip evening…

….or was it the wine?

Painfully Hip and Forkable Blog‘s collaborative dinner party event, Forkably Hip was absolutely divine. I met some really amazing people and manged on some cripplingly delicious food. Sorry, but you really missed out if you weren’t there. I’m pretty sure i had a mini aneurism when that dessert hit my lips.

Check out the photos.

(photos from Forkable Blog)

The fashion was almost as delicious as the food!

Love Carolyn in this oversized ombre cardi as a dress.
peeptoe oxfords
Jessica is the tres cool fashion editor at Time Out Chicago. She helped me judge the outfit contest.
This austere white wool mini and peeptoe top-stitched oxfords just kill.
Pat and Sarah
Sarah’s large silhouette print shift in rust and charcoal looks so rich with a cool grey belt and tights. And I really love how Pat audaciously paired a velvet blazer with a hooded t-shirt and athletic shoes. Cute O.D.
Meg and Ross
Loving Meg’s mustard tights peeking out from under this lovely navy vintage wonder. Ross really pulls off “pretty” in violet and argyle.

Amber of Painfully Hip
I wore my beloved go-to LBD which was sent to me by our event sponsor, LadyLanguage.com with a pair of $20 gladiator heels and my signature tooled leather corset belt from Fox Hunt Vintage. Predictable, perhaps, but give me a break, I packed light.

Here’s our concoctor of culinary euphoria for the evening (after finally getting to take off her apron), Andrea, wearing a sweet black dress, trapeze sweater, red patent belt and peeptoe heels. Pin her up!

Sarah again after bundling up for her 5 block walk home looked even sweeter than before. Love the tapestry bag.

And the winners of the outfit contest!
2nd Place ($50 gift certificate from LadyLanguage.com) – Emma (right)! In a high-waisted leather skirt and oversized tennis racket pendant. Fierce.

Erin & Curtis
1st Place ($100 gift certificate from LadyLanguage,com) – Erin (with Curtis)! Erin rocked this thrifted outfit head to toe, mixing argyle and paisley perfectly whilst toting the ultimate accessory, Curtis, who was flawless in a green paisley button-down, polka dot tie and delicious leather accessories. Could they be any cuter….??

Hmm… perhaps, but then they wouldn’t belong on this blog.

Thank you everyone for coming to this event! We had such a great time. Hope you did too.

floating in the breeze on the côte d’azure

what goes up must come down. and although i think mini-dresses will be sticking around for a while (or at least until the return of that sad sod, jack frost, the sumbitch), long floral halter dresses are just divine, no? what a great way to stay cool even if you haven’t had a chance to get thee to the tannery.

there’s a hell of a lot to be said for leaving something to imagination (it’s funny how in vancouver, the minute the mercury hits 80 degrees, out come the short shorts, headband-sized skirts, tube tops and shirtless men). and there’s something so easy and effortless, yet eye-catching and daring about an ankle-length sundress. you could go straight from the beach and wander into an awards show undetected. and yet, nobody will ever know that you’re completely commando under there. c’mon now, nobody likes sweaty panties.

long green dress

only $29.80 for glamour galore. and no need for jewelry even, the tie at the neck is beaded. i’d wear this with flat strappy leather sandals and maybe a bangle and a cotton tote.

long floral sundress

$29.99 for hippie chic. i’ve been eyeing this dress for a while now. i absolutely adore the print and the colors. and that subtle little ruffle on the bottom makes my wee heart flutter.

long silk floral dress

only $24.99 for gaga gorgeousness! i cannot believe the price on this beauty. and it’s SILK! suddenly you’re a socialite vacationing marrakesh.

PS empty your caches, hipsters! we’ve got a new masthead!

hip formal wear looks for under $300

i’ve been getting lots of searches for “inexpensive prom dresses” and even “how to look hip in formal wear” lately. must be prom season (in canada at least) with wedding season coming soon after. so i guess i better get on that for ya, since i just so happen to be sort of an expert in the field.

first, here are some classics that are perfect for dressing up and can easily be a staple in your wardrobe afterwards.


little black puff sleeve dress $102


macrame trim silk minidress by Vivienne Tam $248

i love a little black dress that’s ridiculously versatile. after prom you’ll be able to easily dress it down as illustrated in the photo with boots, or wear it over jeans, or with tights and flats.

these would be brilliant with bold gold accessories (earrings, clutch…?) and these delicious pumps:


exchange by Charles David racy pump $41.99

easily as versatile is a little navy dress:


Neiman Marcus navy satin V-neck dress $123

this dress is amazing. it is a classic and flattering shape, so you can wear it for years to come. navy is one of my favorite colours this year because it’s so modern-looking and is also a faux neutral so you can wear it with accessories in almost any shade. like these! oh glee:


patent leather / kidsuede platform pump $60


and then there’s this stunning number by Vivian Tam:




black lace and chiffon gown $163

gold mesh hoops $36

gold envelope clutch $35


i LOVE this Marc Jacobs dress. bohemian flavor, cool colour palette, pleated bust, open back, tulip skirt…! and look at that price. beauteous!


Marc by Marc Jacobs merlot criss cross dress $125


i also love a classic dress shape like this strapless knee length A-line in emerald velvet paired with unexpected jewel-toned, velvet embellished flats! put a pink orchid in your hair or a pink velvet ribbon around your waist! make it your own. what fun.



Tracy & Michael strapless velvet dress $188
Hale Bob metallic flat $53.99


more later….