A Week in the Life of a Wandering Freelance Fashion Stylist, or “Why I Have Turned Into Such a Lousy Blogger”

Well, I hope I’m not too late for this, but I’m glad I was too busy to do this write-up till now… this stuff really happened last week! Hope you enjoy. Click here and here for Factory-esque videos of me and my Tucson friends in action.

8am: Wake up because my body is absolutely incapable of sleeping an entire 8 hours. I seem to be both a morning person and a night owl. I check my emails to find that an project of mine has been featured on the Italian VOGUE website. Abraham, my ever-present male muse and dearest friend, brings me coffee on his way to work and we celebrate on my porch.

porch coffee

10:16am: After answering weekend emails from bed for 2 hours, I’m ready to stop looking like I just escaped from a loony bin, and I hop in the shower. My hair used to consistently look like a tumbleweed until I became good friends with the owner and the creative director of 2 different international hair product companies. Now I get $300 cuts and color and $200 heat stylers for free. Yes, please!

scarab earrings

11:56am: After agonizing over an outfit choice, I leave the house in a pair of high-waisted 70s embroidered denim hot shorts, a buttoned up peter-pan collar blouse, a pair of tremendous earrings (handmade for me by a jewelry designer friend out of scarab wings and semi-precious stones) and 4.5 inch platform sandals. I hop on my fast vintage roadbike, tentative at first, but next week I graduate to riding in my 5.5 inch wedges. I’ve yet to have a bike accident (knock on wood).

12:15pm: A meeting at a local designer boutique regarding upcoming shoot. The owner offers to give me the swimsuit that I borrowed part of for a lingerie shoot at the No-Tel Motel last month: a bright blue handmade, high-waisted bikini with bandeau top, rubber trim and suspenders. Yes, please!

photo by Nando Esparza

1:19pm: I swing by the famous Hotel Congress to meet with my friend Laura, and return $3,000 in jewelry she lent me for my fashion show last Friday. We grab a beer.

wingflash jewels

iceland fashion show

4:03pm: I meet my friend Nico for a late lunch. He’s dressed like a charming lesbian pre-school teacher again, except instead of eyebrows he has two tiny tigers tattooed on his brow bone. He’s had his hair cut since the last time I saw him, a shoulder-grazing bob in bright yellow ombre. I down a corned beef rueben while he begs me to join him the next morning at 5am for a quick jaunt (14 hour roundtrip) to his parent’s beach house near San Diego for 2 days. I am still frazzled from Friday’s fashion show and feeling a little overstimulated. Yes please!

5:30pm: I hit up my friend Giovanni. He is leaving for the World Facial Hair Competition in Norway tomorrow and I promised I’d help style him. We go for a Great-Gatsby-esque tennis player look. He ends up winning the gold medal for Best Imperial Moustache In the World.

9:01pm: I stop back in at Hotel Congress, where Abraham is just getting off work at the front desk to meet me for a show on 4th Avenue.


9:05pm: Abraham gestures excitedly toward the bar, where I spot the lead singer of the band for tonight, who makes serious eye contact with me as I walk through the room. I swoon and then wonder if maybe he recognizes me from when I saw his show in Reykjavik and was so excited that I climbed up on stage and watched the whole show from atop the speaker stacks. I call some girlfriends and brag about how So and So just made eye love with me.

10:29pm: My gay boyfriend/styling assistant/bestie forever Bradley (tall, handsome, redheaded, with the eyes of a baby giraffe) shows up.

10:40pm: We ride to the venue for the night. We’re delighted to find it’s very intimate and pretty empty because Fleet Foxes are sold out a few blocks away and nobody seems to have heard of this man’s latest and greatest incarnation. The show starts and we bliss out. It’s the best show any of us have seen in a loooooong time.

1:30am: Suddenly I am making out with said famous musician in the back lounge of his tour bus!! He tells me he also has a PhD in Microbiology. Yes, please!

2:30am: I meet up with the real world again. High fives all round.


5:37am: Nico picks me up. 7 hours, 3 border patrol checkpoints and couple wildlife mishaps later (namely; a huge swarm of ex-bees thoroughly obscuring our windshield for several miles before we could pull over, and accidentally putting my hand in a bird family’s nest unfortunately installed over our house key’s hiding place), we arrive on the beach in Encinitas.

encinitas, ca

2:39pm: Nico insists I take the master bedroom with a view because there is a huge family portrait hanging above the bed and it weirds him out. I oblige. We promptly abandon all electronic devices and go straight to the beach.

8:54pm: We return with takeout, tanned and sun-stoned to the house. I find voice messages from my best friend in Vancouver, Canada and my best friend in Berlin. They are both coming to visit me for my birthday next week! SURPRISE.

9:47pm: I’m profoundly pooped so I fall asleep watching Blues Brothers before finishing my bowl of thai seafood stew and bottle of pinot noir. I did, however, finish an entire bar of dark chocolate.

More of the same.

10:17am: We clean the house and drive 7 hours home.

9:27pm: I get gussied with my fashion designer friend, Jamaica and walk a block to my friend’s going-away party.

11:26pm: We drink and dance in an outdoor garden until 2am and then on to the after party.


8:58am: Wake up, dammit. I walk to the closest thrift store, hoping against hope that I’ll find anything made of chiffon for our shoot tomorrow. I unearth a black chiffon maxi skirt and a pair of pleated chiffon harem trousers for $3 total. ARE YOU KIDDING ME? Yes Please!

Noon: I walk to Bradley’s and we drive to American Apparel. They have loads of chiffon. We borrow $1600 in merchandise from my friend Matt. We take it home to style our wardrobe for tomorrow (in other words, drink a beer, listen to Thee Oh Sees and play dress-up.

7:30pm: I have an article deadline tonight for a local glossy. I’m trying to figure out how to incorporate this gloomy, avant garde editorial my friends and I are shooting this weekend into a summer trend story. It works.

harem pants

9:22pm: My friend from Canada arrives and we walk to the Ethiopian restaurant nearby.


11:01am: Wake up and get dressed to pick up a keg and some sharpies for a yard sale / block party I’m throwing at my house. The reasons? Two good friends are moving away, I have several out-of-town friends visiting and my birthday is on Monday. Plus I’m moving out of my house next week so I have to get rid of most of my stuff. June-October I will be traveling from California to Toronto to Hawaii attending weddings, shooting editorials, and visiting friends and family. Also…? Why not?

1:08pm: Bradley and Abraham arrive and we have coffee on my porch.

2:26pm: Friends start arriving, bringing their own stuff to sell, playing dress-up, taking photos, watching the sunset from our porch and rooftop, dancing, singing and playing guitar. The party lasts about 12 hours. It’s summertime. Yes please!



11:02am: I go downtown to watch my friend’s vintage store, Preen. Thank god it’s slow. I spend my time putting wacky outfits on the mannequins and altering a pair of vintage Moschino jeans I got in London last year.

As much as I will miss my endearingly weird friends in Tucson, I’m excited to spend the summer with my friends and family in various locales and events all over California, and then meet my future boss in Toronto. Come early fall, I’ll be spending a month or two with Bradley in Hawaii, where we will attempt to reinvent the Honolulu fashion scene! Yep yep!